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Benjamin MaddoxNephew of Michael Maddox


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#1 Benjamin Maddox

Benjamin Maddox


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Posted 21 October 2019 - 06:37 PM




How did you hear about us?: Charlie

Preferred method of contact:PM on Boards or Facebook Just Ask for Address





Name:Benjamin Maddox



Weight:244 lbs.


Hometown:Brooklyn New York

Alignment (Face - Heel - Neutral):Neutral

Gimmick:Arrogant by Association of Depression and Anxiety

Pic Base:Evolution Era Randy Orton 

Wrestling Style:Technical/High Flyer


Out of Ring Appearance:Tank Tops/ Muscle Shirts With Long Jean Pants or Cargo Shirts


In Ring Appearance: Wrestling Tights Colors Vary with matching Wrist Bands and Wrestling Boots.


Entrance Music:Die For You by Starset


Entrance Description:Die for You by Starset blasts over the PA systems As Benjamin Maddox walks out on stage and looks at the fans and then looks up at the sky and Shakes it off as many emotions run through his body he walks down the ramp receiving a mixed reaction. He then does a running front flip into the ring and then runs over to the nearest turnbuckle and panders to the crowd before awaiting the start of the matchup in his corner.


Finishing Moves

1. (Primary Finisher) Pain Killer Xpress(Benjamin nails a 720 DDT and then hops on the top rope and performs a double rotation moonsault for the pin if needed in quicker situations can use either of those moves as a finisher)

2. (Desperation Finisher)Maddabuster(Spine Buster into a cloverleaf submission hold)


Signature Moves

1.Maddox Crossface(Crippler Crossface)

2.Maddassault(Springboard Moonsault)

3.Reverse Frankensteiner

4.Tilt A Whirl Headscissors Takedown

5.Maddox Combination(Multiple Kicks and Strikes followed by a perfect drop kick and then finish with a strong lariat)


Regular Moves

1.Double Arm DDT


3.Snap Suplex

4.Suicide Dive

5.Springboard DropKick

6.German Suplex

7. Missile Drop Kick

8. Top Rope Frankensteiner

9.All Basic Submission Holds

10. All Types of High Flying Moves


Brief Bio: Benjamin Maddox is the nephew of Michael Maddox. He graduated Wrestling School at Michael Maddox’s Wrestling School in South Beach Florida. His mother Jessica Maddox is widowed when Benjamin was 9 years old An Intruder entered The Maddox residents and killed Benjamin's father right in front of his fae. Benjamin uses wrestling as an outlet to escape his demons while suffering from anxiety and depression because of these horrific events. He is loved by his family but not so much in the wrestling world. Benjamin is fresh out of graduation from Maddox’s Wrestling School and is looking to make the best of his opportunity to start a career in UWL. Because of Maddox’s depression and anxiety he has developed an arrogance and cockiness among others when wrestling in the ring. Maddox will bring a high octane offense with high flying and technical moves that will see tickets and knock the fans out of there seats at home.


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