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Jennifer Enigma"Your Dark Mistress The Demon Witch"


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Jennifer Enigma


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Posted 21 October 2019 - 06:25 PM



"Your Dark Mistress The Demon Witch" Jennifer Enigma



Wrestlers Information:
Wrestler's Name: "Your Dark Mistress The Demon Witch"Jennifer Enigma
Height: 5'5
Weight: 135lbs
Age: 22
Hometown: South Beach Florida
Billed From (If Different) : Transylvania Romania
Baby Face / Face / Tweener / Heel / Top Heel: Top Heel
Wrestling Style: high fly / hardcore / submission / brawler / old school / etc...Technical/High Flyer
Wrestler closest to: AJ Lee and Paige Mixed(what existing wrestler fits your wrestling style better for simulation purposes)
Theme Music: A Demons Fate By Within Temptation

Entrance Description:A Demons Fate by Within Temptation blasts over the PA Systems as the crowd boos and Jennifer comes out on stage with her barbed wired staff and then looks at the fans and then takes her time going down the ramp as the crowd boos loudly she then makes her way to the ring and starts prancing around the ring and then smiles sadistically at the crowd as she sits on the ropes and awaits the start of the match
The Move List: Swinging Neckbreaker
Power Slam
Head Scissors Takedown
Scoop Slam
Trapping Headbuts
Cross Arm Breaker
Tornado DDT
German Suplex
Full Nelson Slam
Tiger Driver
Snap Suplex
Reverse DDT
Missile Drop Kick
Diving Elbow Drop
Leg Drop
Eye Rake
Low Blow

Sample Moves: (15-25, optional)
Momentum Shift Move: Diving Crossbody(think day of reckoning, a move you do out of desperation)
Trademark Moves: (moves you do more than any other like John Cena and his five knuckle shuffle and diving fame asser)The Mistress Comes Crashing Down(Flying Headbutt) Stiches(A dirty move with Jennifer's Barbed Wired Staff whose names happens to be Stitches)
Secondary Finishers: The Black Dahlia(Black Widow Submission Move
Main Finisher: Danse Macabre(Spinning Corscrew Unprettier)
Special Finisher: (climax finisher for feud Enders and big matches. think of undertaker and last ride.)
Wrester's Appearance:
Description (Inside Ring) :
Description (Outside Ring) :
Handler information:
Character Representative:AJ Lee with Demonic Facepaint much like Finn Balor at Entrance
Bio:Jennifer was Born in South Beach Florida and her parents died when she was young she was later adopted by a family from Romania and grew up in Romania little more is know about this mysterious superstar.
Sample Roleplay:amy+lee+vocal+range.jpg

“I have a huge opportunity to shut the AUW Universe once and for all at Deadly Games. No one is going to stop me from the inevitable, Deadly Games is my night, I will retain the tag team championship with Ragnarok and I will become the new Ultraviolence Champion.”

Champions Repose

The Scene Opens up post The Ward XX. Jennifer Enigma is going to the back locker room area after defeating one of her family members Avery McCullen suddenly. Vero walks up to Jennifer and begins to speak.

Hey that was an amazing victory for Society of Destruction. You knocked your best friend’s wife down a peg, Or basically what I am trying to say is I am proud of you,

Jennifer Enigma
I love all the pep talk but I have a goal of mine to set in front of me, My goal is to not only retain the tag team championships at Deadly Games, But to win my first world championship in my career, I am ready to do whatever it takes to win.

I really hope you retain those championships. I can’t stand The Fallen they are nothing but posers.

Jennifer Enigma
That is where you are wrong they are nothing but outcasts misunderstood just like us. Their views to deal with it or just different.

I never I thought I see the day when my bestie becomes soft.

Jennifer Enigma
Me become soft? I doubt that very much so I will prove it at Deadly Games,

Awe I am just kidding. I know you are working hard, I am working hard on my return. Incase you haven’t known yet I have a match at the Supercard,

Jennifer Enigma
Really. That is awesome, Well Vero hun I am going to have to go for now. I got to go and speak to a few others.

Okay talk soon, Come see us at our compound Eric would like a word with you,

Jennifer Enigma
Sure thing Vero.

Jennifer smiles at Vero and walks around the corner and runs into none other than her best friend himself Michael Maddox and another conversation is struck,

Michael Maddox
Hey Jenny!! Just wanted to congratulate you on beating Avery. I hope you aren’t still steamed about the accident but I hope you forgive her?

Jennifer Enigma
Nice to see you to Mike. Yes I have forgiven her after further review of tape I seen what she was trying to do,

Michael Maddox
Phew!! She thinks you are still steamed at her,

Jennifer Enigma
She will always be family but in the ring business is business, I don’t care if I have to tear a family member from limb to limb to get to my goal.

Michael Maddox’
I guess that is true. Maybe you should go talk to her she is in her dressing room right now it will make her feel better,

Jennifer Enigma
I will go do this now.

Michael Maddox
Aww thank you Jenny. Love you.

Jennifer Enigma
Love you to Mike speak soon,

Michael Maddox
Alright see ya around.

Mike leaves the scene and then Jennifer follows the corner til she reaches the women's locker room section and then finds Avery McCullens locker room, She knocks on the door and hears a light come in voice. Jennifer enters the room to see Avery sitting on a couch packing her things to leave the event. Jennifer then begins to speak.

Jennifer Enigma
I know you think I meant the words I have said but you must know wrestling business is business,

Avery smiles

I know but I think Mike was hurt by it more than me don’t tell him I told you that.

Jennifer Enigma
Aww I see, Well see you around sister I must get prepared for our Pyramid of Glass Match and tag team title defense at Deadly Games,

Okay see you around I hope you bring your A-Game.

Jennifer Enigma
Oh I will and I will prove to the whole world why I am far more superior than you or Nocturne, See ya soon my sweet.

Jennifer then giggles and walks off and the cameras fade to the next Scene.

Tearing Apart The Fallen.

The Scene opens up on the sands of South Beach in the middle of the night Jennifer is seen dancing around a fire when the cameras pan on her, She smiles into the camera and then begins to speak,

Jennifer Enigma
So it would seem the whole world is saying that The Fallen is the next big thing in tag team wrestling, Well I am here to ensure you that is certainly not the case. Look at who I am facing a man who nearly killed my best friend in a plane crash and women who says she has someone but the sad thing about it is she is tangled up in me, Every time I have spoken to Necra she has scanned me licked her lips and got horny like a little school girl, Well I must admit i have a small attraction for her it still does not change the fact that we are enemies at Deadly Games, Society of Destruction is the longest reigning AUW Tag Team Champions in history and it will remain that way for all of eternity,

Jennifer begins to giggle sadistically and dances around the fire,

Leon Dread the big powerhouse of the group when all I got to do is twist your balls and you will be on the ground, Perhaps I will rip them off and feed them to you first hand, You see there is a difference between Society of Destruction and The Fallen, We strive for greatness and to win as many titles as we can, You guys just stay around and attack people, Especially you Dread, You couldn’t win a match unless you had one of your cronies around with you, You rely too heavily on your comrades which makes you weak Dread. I just beat Avery McCullen. I will never look back I need to retain the tag team championships and I need to retain my momentum going into the ultraviolence championship. Dread I will do everything in my power to take you out of the equation. Without you Necra is powerless, Necra is just another fragile little flower that will be killed by pesticide in her case that is me and Ragnarok.

Jennifer giggles some more as you can see sweat dripping down her long black hair but because of the fire you can see the sweat dripping down of the sleek shininess that the fire brings to her black hair.

Necra Octavien Kane it is no secret that we have spoken before and that we have not become intimate in words, But that does not mean I will not expose you for the weakling that you are, Necra you solely rely on your little army of cronies to get the job done, There is a problem you never take actions in your own hands, Not only am I going to deprive you of The Tag Team Championships I am going to make you rethink The Fallen, I am going to make you wish that you had sided with The Society of Destruction, I know deep down inside you and Dread have something up your sleeve but I will be watching your every move, And come Deadly Games Necra you will lose once again, Not only will you lose the tag team title match you will lose your pride your self esteem and will to go on,l Necra since the last time we met I have become stronger than you could ever imagine. You will bite The Dust!!

Jennifer dances around the fire one last time giggling then stops in her tracks with a serious look on her face,

Enough is enough. The truth is Society of Destruction is better than The Fallen will ever be, That is what eats you up inside that is what makes you want to be our enemy. You should have never defied us and simply should have joined us, After All we are all the same misunderstood outcasts shun from the world. The only difference is I need to win this I want it I can taste the victory and I can feel victory now, That is why The Fallen will never win anything because they have no feelings, I have a cold black heart but with feeling my gut tells me everything and I am smarter than the normal fragile little flowers that walk AUW, Necra and Dread you are looking at one half of AUW Tag Team Champions Take a good look at what a champion looks like, Truth be told you will never ever be a champion. Society of Destruction is the only dominant team in all of AUW and that is nothing but the truth, So eat your Wheaties get ready for the match all you want just remember that passion reigns supreme over jealousy and greed, My lust for winning will continue, There is not a damn thing you can do about it, I will be watching you two mark my words for I am The Alpha and Omega that feeds the spring of AUW Life, In Case you didn’t know I am The Dark Mistress Jennifer Enigma and The Black Dahlia has spoken!!!

Jennifer giggles and then holds The AUW Tag Team Title up in the air and then pulls out a black dahlia and crumples it into dust and blows it into the camera as the cameras fade to black,


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