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Posted 17 September 2019 - 10:19 AM

Picture Base:



Ring Name: Dee Fult


Nicknames (If Applicable): Set, D-Bag, Dirty D Bag, DDB, D Nine D’s Baby, D9D, D9Dz BB


Real Name: Fulton Ninkovich


Birthday: July 17th, 1999 


Debut Date: July 17th, 2018


Height: 6’0


Weight: 209lbs


Hometown/Billed From: Unable to Detect Signal


Alignment/Disposition (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):


- [x] Tweener

- [x] Cowardly Heel

- [x] Ruthless Heel


Tendency to Cheat (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):

- [x] Always

- [x] Often

- [x] Sometimes


Motivation to Compete (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):

- [x] Financial Gain; they want to get rich and will do anything to achieve that.

- [x] Glory; they are obsessed with winning and will stop at nothing to avoid defeat.

- [x] Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best.

- [x] Platform; they want fame and believe using fighting as a stepping stone is the way to go.

- [x] Other; please specify.


Personality: Explain your character's personality here. Typical annoying inner monologue moron; egocentric wrestler whose confidence outweighs the execution of his talent, and just arrogant enough to overshadow his intellect.


Fighting Style: Brawler (Technical/Brawler/High Flying)


Wrestler similar to: Marcel Barthel


Signature Match: Cage Match


Favorite Weapons: Used Boombox, Roll of Pennies, Glass Bottle of Coke, Blue Steel Chair


•» ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•

[ • R I N G S I D E . I N F O R M A T I O N • ]

•» ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•


Entrance Music: ‘Smooth’ by Santana 


Entrance Description: A very familiar song begins and as everyone begins to disperse thinking that it’s nothing but house music between technical difficulties, Dee Fult bursts through the curtain and starts to play some air guitar. He bows to the crowd and holds his hands out to receive the public, modestly making his way down the ramp as if he’s the only person in the world. Sliding into the squared circle once he reaches ringside, he does a somersault and then pushes up to his feet from his knees; after, hopping to middle rope for an obligatory acknowledgement of the audience. 



Ring Attire: Yellow Short Tights with Red Print “DEE” (Front) “FULT” (Back)


•» ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•

[ • I N . R I N G . I N F O R M A T I O N • ]

•» ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- «•


Signature Move(s):FTR (Failure to Repay) - Ace Crusher, D9Driver - Basic DDT, DeeFult Settings - Front Facelock with Knee Strikes, DeeFult Orginal - Neckbreaker, BRB (Be Right BackBreaker) - BackBreaker


Primary Finisher: Factory Settings - Cravate Driver


Secondary Finisher(s): DeeFult in our Stars - Slingshot Diving Headbutt


Special Finisher: DirtyBaggerVance99@hotmail.com - Pumphandle Reverse DDT Driver


•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•

[ • C O M P E T I T O R ' S . B I O G R A P H Y • ]

•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•


Biography: A fresh faced addition to the professional wrestling business; Dee Fult is a lifelong fan of the art, who doesn’t see a need for much motivation outside of his career. He is money and will be money and the only thing that’s in his way, is time; he’s not too worried about when that time will be. His personal business, outside of what he decides to post to social media; is nobody’s concern.


•» ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ «•

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